Getting Started for Advertisers

Cliques is designed to be a simple, transparent source of high-quality publisher demand from only relevant, outdoor-related publishers. This guide is designed to help you get your ads on our sites as quickly as possible.

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Step 1: Advertiser Setup

Once you've created your new account, the first thing you'll need to do is to create a campaign. Click the Get Startedbutton to access the Advertiser setup wizard, which will guide you through your setup process.

Setting Bids

RTB (Real Time Bidding) systems like ours rely on the bids advertisers make to determine what ad will show up in an available impression. The more you bid, the more likely it is that your ad will be shown. Your bid covers your CPM, or "Cost Per Thousand" (the "M" is a roman numeral). You can set different base and max bids for the DMAs and publishers you want to target, which we'll talk about later. For now, just know that you can choose the parameters for your bids, and youalways change your bid later

Designing Creatives

A good creative is absolutely vital to the success of your campaign. Scroll down to Step 2: All Things Creative to find out more.

Approval Process

Once you've completed the Advertiser setup process, the Cliques team will be notified will begin the process of approving your Campaign. This typically takes at most 12 business hours to complete. For more information on how the approval process works, check out the Approval Process page.


Logos & Descriptions

When you list ad placements on Cliques, you're not just a serial number. You're a fire-breathing publishing hell-dragon, scorching everything you touch with your searing insights and originality! To that end, uploading a simple logo and writing a brief description of your site helps Cliques' Advertisers figure out what you're all about, and allows you to stand out. So don't skimp here. Strut your stuff.

Choosing a Clique

In general, you're best served by choosing to join the lowest-level Clique that makes sense for your Site, since Publishers in your Clique and all parent Cliques will be able to serve your ad. For more information, please see the  Choosing a Clique article.

Step 2: All Things Creative

Designing Creatives

A good creative will catch a consumer’s attention. A simple creative can take less time to create and be more effective, too. Here are some guidelines:

Make your message clear.

The consumer should know what clicking on the link will show them and do. They're unlikely to click on the link if they don't know what they're getting into. Introduce your brand, and state that where the link will take them: a page that will help them find a retailer, order, or browse. 

Show your logo.

Make sure your logo is visible. Your creative will not be approved if your logo is at all unclear. Show off your branding to help capture a viewer's attention.

Write legibly. 

Any text on the ad should use a legible font that contrasts with any background colors. Use text sparingly.

Avoid distractions.

Any images Images should be clear and have few distractions as ads fit into relatively small spaces. Catch the consumer's eye without overwhelming them.

Ultimately, you want to engage your customers by showing off your brand, products, and aesthetic. Keep in mind that we welcome animation (15-second max, non-continuous). Before you submit your creative, make sure it follows our requirements listed here

Step 3: Fine Tuning--Targeting and Tracking 

Everyone sees ads-- so who exactly will see my Cliques campaign?

There are two variables in where your ads will place: the first, what Clique you've chosen and the sites that serve ads for for it; and second, where in the country those impressions are served--that's what DMAs determine.

Weighting a DMA means our automated bidders will offer higher bids on your behalf in the regions you have selected. The more you bid, the more likely you are to win the auction. So yes, your ad will fill proportionately more impressions in that DMA. 

How do you set DMA targets? Easy peasy--it's on step 4 of setting up your campaign. Here's a picture:

Don't worry, though, your ad will still show up in available impressions across the country! This means you can see success in markets that you might not have considered, or test what markets might best respond to your brand. Check out what exactly DMAs are in  this article!

Beyond targeting specific DMAs, you can also target specific sites. 

You can reach a site-specific audience through Cliques by just targeting publishers you've found success with. Winning more bids on these pages, of course, is contingent on bidding more than anyone else-- so bid high! There's no reason to be shy: you'll only pay as much as the second-highest bidder.

Here's how to do it: select the campaign you want to modify, then click on the "Targeting" tag in the settings box, and open the "Placement Targets" link. You'll see a screen like this:

Select the sites you'd like to target and use the slider to select the amount you'd like to bid. Sites you you don't target will default to your base bid, which you can change on the "Bids" tab in the settings box.

A quick note: we offer DFA integration for your Cliques campaign! We talk more about it and next steps for understanding your campaign in our Analyzing Your Campaign doc.

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