CPM for Advertisers

The Cliques Console allows users to set a minimum and maximum CPM. Additionally, you can set CPM targets for specific DMAs or sites/placements.


CPM stands for cost per mille (Latin for thousand). It’s the standard measurement in advertising. That cost per thousand is per thousand impressions served. Example: With a CPM of $5, a campaign serving 5000 impressions would cost $25.

Setting Your CPM

Through the Cliques Console, you set two spending parameters: the first, your overall budget which will be algorithmically spread across the run dates of your campaign. The second, the minimum and maximum CPMs you will spend when an impression becomes available. This all happens in milliseconds thanks to Cliques' real-time bidding technology, and once you set the bids you do not have to do anything further.

We suggest a minimum and maximum CPM around $7-$12. Keep in mind that you can bid more for DMAs and sites that you prioritize. You can read more about targeting  Sites or DMAs specifically in the linked articles.

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