Words and Acronyms

Ad Exchange
Exists somewhere on the interwebs/in the cloud- It’s where available ads sit waiting to be bid upon (see RTB), and what publishers turn to in order to fill ad space on their webpages that hasn’t been directly purchased by one company- It’s become a black hole of confusion.
Open Exchange
Literally anyone (both publishers and advertisers) can sign up for the ad exchange.
      > This means an ad for a vacuum cleaner could show up on a women’s cycling              site.
      > This is exactly what Cliques IS NOT because we review all publishers and                    advertisers, have highly curated ads, and work in a niche market.
Bottom Up Bidding 
This is Cliques’ technology! See  here
CPA (Cost Per Action)
The amount of money spent on a customer before they actually buy something.   
Click Through Attribution
When a customer’s website view is only attributed to them having seen the ad if they got to the site by clicking on the ad they saw.
CPM (Cost Per M)(M is the roman numeral for 1,000)
The price a publisher charges an advertiser for every 1,000 ad impressions. See more  here
When an ad is fetched from its source.
Lookback Window
The amount of time an advertiser sets that defines the maximum amount of time that can pass between when a person sees an ad until they make a purchase for which the purchase will be attributed to the customer making that purchase.    
Real Time Bidding
A millisecond-long bidding process. Algorithms bid on behalf of advertisers for the ad slots that are up for grabs on publishers' webpages.
Retargeting Ads
Ads that are targeted to people who have done things on the internet that make them seem like a good candidate for conversion. For example, I looked at the brand new Venge online and now ads for it are popping up on pretty much every page I open.  
RPM (Revenue per Mille) Revenue publishers receive for every 1000 impression views.
View Through Attribution
When a viewer never clicks on an ad but does eventually go to the brand’s website by searching for it. Freudian and stuff… saying that even if you don’t click on an ad, your awareness of the brand has been subconsciously reinforced by seeing the ad.

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