What Is a Clique, and What Cliques are Available?

Cliques are niche markets that range from categories as broad as outdoor to as specific as mixed climbing. Publishers and advertisers are assigned to the most precise Clique possible. When an impression opens up on a publisher’s site, advertisers within that Clique get first dibs on that bid.

Cliques, and the subsequent Bottom-Up Bidding process, ensures that ads are placed on correlated sites. A cyclist on a road cycling website is far more likely to click on ads for brands closely tied to their sport, as opposed to a climbing ad. By matching a website’s audience and culture with relevant advertisers, click through rates skyrocket. 

Cliques offer advertisers and publishers a unique method to reach targeted consumers and preserve website culture by grouping entities by niche market category. It will be helpful to know what Clique you plan to be part of before setting up your campaign.

Right now, we're offering and supporting placement on general Outdoor, Cycling, and Snowsport sites. Stay tuned as we unveil even more specific sites.

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