Setting Price Floors

You can guarantee a specific minimum CPM by setting a Price Floor for your site. However, doing so will most likely cause fewer paid impressions to serve, so we recommend testing out different price levels to gauge demand before settling on one.

Publishers have the option to set a price floor if they wish.

A price floor sets a minimum monetary amount a publisher willing to be paid per 1,000 impressions. The lower the floor, the more likely the impressions are to be purchased. You can enter your desired floor on the second page of your publisher set up, or you can edit this value after activating your tags. The minimum floor $1.00, and the maximum is $5.00. 

What Happens When My Price Floor Isn't Met?

When a price floor isn't met by all available bidders for a given impression, Cliques executes the Default Condition for the Placement through which the impression was requested.


Say you create a Placement and set the Default Condition to "Hide". Let's say you set a site-wide $5.00 CPM Price Floor.

When a user loads your page which contains this Placement, an real-time auction is triggered. If at least one advertiser bids $5.00 or more in this auction, the auction will succeed, and an ad from the highest bidder will be shown.

But if no bids of at least $5.00 are received, the Placement will hide, and no ad will be shown.

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