Designing a Great Creative

As powerful as the Cliques platform is, all the tech and data in the world can't help a bad creative.

A good creative will catch a visitor’s attention. A great creative will evoke a response. A simple creative can take less time to create and be more effective, too. Gleaning everything we can from successful and not so successful campaigns of the past, we've put together this quick-reference guide to building great creatives.

1. Use Negative Space

Almost all impressions spaces are compact. Follow the golden rule here of "When in doubt, cut it out." Let the image speak for the brand. Only include text if absolutely necessary. Don't forget to include your company's logo. See also:  Cliques Creative Guidelines.

2. Keep it simple

Again, you're working with a small space. Showing a clear, cut-down image/creative can really jump from the page when surrounded by lots of other content. The simpler your creative, the more attractive it will be.

3. Clear Messaging

Is it clear where this ad leads? Are you running a campaign for a sale event? Be sure that a reader knows where they are headed when they click on your ad. If you show an image of a pick-up truck on a dusty road and the click through brings readers to a product page for organic chlorine free toilet paper, it's not going to work.

4. Show Off Your Logo

You're proud of your brand, so be proud to have your logo associated with the creative you're putting out there. Make sure the logo is visible, anywhere within the creative. We suggest moving the logo to accommodate different creative sizes.  Your creative will not be approved if your logo is at all unclear. 

5. The Litmus Test

Would you click on it? It's really that simple. Is this an ad that would get your attention and elicit a response from you? Preferably a positive response, one in which you click on the ad.


If you're anything like us, you'll want to see some examples of a great and a bad creative. Here you go:



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