Editing Your Campaign

Cliques gives you the ability to adjust and manage your campaign in real-time. This means after a campaign has begun you can adjust the run dates, budget, swap in new creatives, etc.

The basics: You can adjust your budget and your start/end dates by clicking on the campaign window, selecting the campaign you'd like to adjust, and pressing the small blue "edit" button to the right of the name of the campaign, or to the right of the start date currently listed, in the campaign settings box.

Bids: To change your base and maximum bids, click on the "Bids" tab in the campaign settings window and again click the small blue "edit" button.

Targeting: You can edit geographical DMAs and ad placements by clicking the "Targeting" tab in the campaign settings window and selecting to edit either Geographic or Inventory based targets.

Creatives: Select the "Creatives" tab and click the small blue "edit" button if you would like to upload new and/or additional creatives. Similarly, if you'd like to deactivate specific creatives you can do so by clicking on the creative you'd like to work with and toggling the Active/Inactive button.

If you would like to make substantial changes to your campaign that may require pausing the campaign, please read this article: Can I Pause My Campaign?

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