How does Cliques distribute my budget?

You've spent lots of time figuring out your advertising budget, so you want to be sure it's being spent in the most effective manner possible. Cliques wants the same thing.

The Cliques Console allows users to enter a budget and length for every advertising campaign. We also allow you to lengthen that campaign and increase the budget on the fly, in real-time. Your budget will be divided by the number of days in your campaign to evenly space your spending and keep your campaign flush. You can see what percentage of your budget has been used on your campaign quick-look:

Here, 41% of the budget has been used.

If you've used either the Inventory or Geographical targeting functions to hone in on a DMA (Designated Market Area) or a specific site, a larger portion of your budget will be directed towards these targets. The Cliques Algorithm can adjust to these adjusts in real-time as you make them, adjusting your ad-spend through the remainder of your campaign. 

For more information about using the targeting features in the Cliques Console:

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