Approval Process

Ever wonder what the Cliques team is looking for when approving publisher accounts? Here's a quick list.

First and foremost, we make sure that your website or page culture matches up to the Clique you've chosen. If you have a cycling website that focuses on road riding, but have chosen the urban cycling Clique, we might transfer you to the appropriate road Clique.
We also look for specificity. Say your site does, in fact, celebrate urban cycling, but you've chosen the overarching "cycling" Clique. We'll move you over to the urban clique, and here's why: more specific Cliques have access to more bidders as impressions on your site move from the most specific up to the broadest category. If you are unsure of what Clique to choose, shoot us an email and we can work out the best niche for you.
If you indicate that certain Placements are Below the Fold or otherwise out of immediate view, we may contact you to discuss where you plan to place these ads. We want to ensure that there is at least a reasonable chance that an ad will be seen by the end user.
We will check pages for any disallowed content, as defined in the Terms & Conditions.

Once the approval process has been completed, you will receive an email from our team confirming your approval status and addressing any issues that may have come up. Typical turnaround time: 12 business hours

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