How do I access the data from my tracking pixels?

Cliques gives you the ability to create and manage as many tracking pixels are you'd like.

If you're looking for information on what a tracking pixel/action beacon/page tag is, try  this article first.

On the campaign homepage, you'll see a listing for Actions. This will display any action that can be attributed to a Cliques ad. We operate with a 15 day view lookback (from when the ad was served and seen) and a 30 day click lookback.

This space only keeps track of the impressions or clicks we've served for your campaign that made it to the webpage you placed the pixel on. If this number is 0, check out  this article instead.

To drill down further into those Actions you can click on the "Go to Analytics" link and filter your results by Action or similarly you can build a custom query. (Full functionality coming second half of 2017).

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