Setting Geographic (DMA) Targets

The Cliques Console gives you the ability to weight your budget spend to a specific DMA (Designated Market Area). You can select multiple DMAs and change your select and weighting at any time. 

Targeting DMAs allows you to geographically focus your campaign to specific areas (currently only available in the USA). Weighting a DMA means out automated bidders will offer higher bids on your behalf in the regions you have selected.

Once your campaign is created you can adjust the DMA and site specific targeting as you see fit. 

Step 1-

Begin by determining what geographic area or areas you would like to target. Ok, got it? Click the "Targeting" tab from within the the campaign you'd like to set target parameters for.

Step 2-

Click the "DMA Targets Set" link. A pop-up will appear.

Your campaign will still show up in available impressions in other markets, you'll just be filling more impressions in your designated DMA(s).

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