Publisher FAQ's

How does Cliques pay?

Digital advertising can pay advertisers lots of different ways, using a variety of rates and formulas. Here at Cliques, we pay on a pure CPM basis. Our average CPM from our alpha test was $7.00, and you can expect to see pricing in this neighborhood during out beta run, too.

What kind of creatives does Cliques let Advertisers run?

To see what we accept from advertisers, check out this page on creative guidelines.

What's the difference between my domain, URL, and website?

Thinking, "I thought my website was my domain?" If you're an independent publisher, then yes, you thought right! You should click the box on the second page of your setup that says "Same as Publisher."

If you are activating a Cliques tag on a site that is just one of many publications a larger group runs, enter the overarching publisher's site on the first page of the wizard. You can enter your site on the second page under "Domain Name."

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