Getting Started for Advertisers 2.0

Cliques is designed to be a simple, transparent source of high-quality publisher demand from only relevant, outdoor-related publishers. This guide is designed to help you get your ads on our sites as quickly as possible.

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Step 1: Advertiser Setup

Once you've created your new account, the first thing you'll need to do is to create a campaign. Click the Get Startedbutton to access the Advertiser setup wizard, which will guide you through your setup process.

Set-up wizard

Choose Your Clique

You'll be able to selectively target or block specific sites later in the set-up process; now you'll just want to choose the Clique you want to run your campaign within. For example: a bicycle tire brand would select the Cycling Clique.

Setting Bids

Our RTB (Real Time Bidding) system relies on advertisers' bids to determine what ad will show up in an available impression. The higher you bid, the more likely it is that your ad will be shown. Your bid represents your CPM. 

Approval Process

Once you've completed the Advertiser setup process, the Cliques team will be notified and begin the process of approving your Campaign. This typically takes at most 12 business hours to complete. For more information on how the approval process works, check out the    Approval Process page.


Save a Draft

As you work your way through creating a campaign, you may need to step away and come back later. Simply click the 

button located in the upper right hand corner.

Choosing a Clique

In general, you're best served by choosing to join the lowest-level Clique that makes sense for your brand. You'll have the ability to block or target specific sites later in the setup process. For more information, please see the   Choosing a Clique article.

Step 2: What Every Campaign Needs


Every Campaign will of course be different, but there are a few essentials that you'll need to get it off the ground. Here are a couple of examples of creatives from past campaigns.



Dark, ambiguous and logo of the company is hardly visible if you notice it at all. Strong, clean and evocative creative that clearly displays the brand's logo.
This not a good creative, don't do this. Good creative
To get started you'll need the following, all of which can be updated or changed in real-time once the campaign is launched:
  • Campaign budget
  • Campaign start and end dates
  • Selected Clique (Outdoor, Cycling, Snowsports, etc)
  • Bids: your base bid (we auto-fill the average) and your max bid
  • Campaign Creatives. For a list of recommended sizes please see Cliques Creative Guidelines. Keep in mind that creatives must be 120KB or smaller.
  • URL that you want your ads to link to

Hooray! You've made it through the 5 step set-up process. Next, you just need to wait for Cliques to approve your campaign and you'll be off and running.

Step 3: Watching Yours Ads Perform

From within the Cliques Console you'll get real-time performance metrics for your campaign(s). This top-line view will give you insight into the overall performance of the campaign as well as individual site or creative performance.


Cliques is the only service actively giving you screenshots of your ads in the wild. On the left side bar you'll find a link for Screenshots select it and you'll see your most recent ads exactly as they displayed on the sites they ran.

Further Reading

To take a deeper dive into some commonly asked questions around setting up and managing campaigns via the Cliques Console, start here:

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