Adding Sites to the Blocked List

The Cliques Console allows you to adjust your campaign bids based on either DMA or site specific targeting. The Console also gives you the ability to not spend any budget on specific sites by adding them to the Blocked list.

If you want to set a more broad, geographic based target, see our article about targeting based on DMAs

Any targeting action you take will only be applicable to that campaign. If you are running multiple campaigns, you will need to make the changes to each campaign individually.

You can target a site-specific audience through Cliques by just targeting publishers you've found success with. Consequently, if you find there are sites that are simply not performing for your campaign, you can discontinue bidding on those impressions all together.

Next, we'll walk through the process of adding a site to the Blocked list.

Step 1-

From the homepage in the Cliques Console, select the campaign you want to modify. Then click on the "Targeting" tag in the settings box.

Once you click the "Targeting" tab and you'll be shown two choices:  Sites, Pages and Placements and DMAs. For setting the site specific targets, you'll want to select Sites, Pages and Placements. You can read more about DMAs in this  targeting article.

Step 2-

By clicking on the red "No-Smoking" looking icon, that publisher/site/placement will be added to the Blocked list. Your campaign will no longer bid on impressions available for those placements. You can block down the placement level.

Step 3-

To save your changes, simply click the blue Save button and you're all set. You can update and make adjustments to your bids at any time. Cliques gives you the ability to follow trends in campaign performance and redirect your budget to get the highest ROI possible.

Step 4- 

Regularly analyze your campaign performance and update your targeted bids and/or blocked sites. For a guide on setting targets continue reading about DMAs and Site Specific targets.

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