Introduction to Native Ads

Cliques native ads are different from standard banner ads in one critical aspect: they look different on every site. To accomplish this, Cliques uses native ad templates: small bits of HTML code that are fully customizable by you, the publisher, and allow you to dictate what a native ad looks like on your site.

To best understand the role that native ad templates play, the following diagram demonstrates how a native ad is constructed in real-time from a template and metadata:

User loads your page that contains Cliques native ad tags.
The native ad tags call the Cliques ad exchange and return the ad metadata for winning bidder. This ad metadata contains all advertiser-specific information to be populated into the ad, e.g. ad copy, brand name, image URL.
The HTML template for this native ad placement is retrieved from the Cliques publisher database. This template can contain any valid HTML, as well as template variables to indicate where advertiser-specific metadata should go.
Our native ad tags populate the ad metadata into the placement template and insert the resulting advertisement into the web page.

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