Native Ad Template Requirements

Though you can style & format the native ad however you like using your native ad template, there are some guidelines your ad must adhere to in order to be approved for use on Cliques. The diagram below illustrates the various required components and their specifications:

  1. Advertisement Disclosure:  Short disclosure to indicate that the unit is a paid advertisement
  2. Brand Image: High-resolution image, provided by the advertiser, that Cliques crops & centers in real time when the ad is loaded. Min width: 100px*, min height: 100px* 
  3. Headline: Shorter brand copy that provides main call-to-action. Min characters: 60, max characters: 120
  4. Brand Disclosure: Additional disclosure to indicate name of brand sponsoring this unit
  5. Description: Long-form brand copy with more information about the content/brand/product. Min characters: 100, max characters: 170
Anatomy of a Native Ad
*Cliques will use its discretion to make sure that reasonable aspect ratios are maintained -- we may ask that image elements with highly irregular aspect ratios be resized

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