Native Template Variables

Cliques uses template variables to indicate where advertiser-specific metadata should be inserted into each template at load-time. Template variables must be wrapped in double curly brackets {{ }} to be evaluated by the our template engine, and can be placed anywhere in your template. 

Below is a full list of all template variables available for use in your template:

Variable Description Example Usage
click_url URL to redirect to on click. A typical use for this template variable is the href attribute of an <a> tag <a href="{{ click_url }}">Click Here!</a>
advertisementDisclosure Short, configurable phrase to indicate to the user that the unit is an ad. Default is "Advertisement". To configure, select Native Specs for your placement under the Placement Manager section. <div class="label">{{ advertisementDisclosure }}</div>
advertiserName Name of the brand who has purchased this ad space. <div class="caption">This post brought to you by {{ advertiserName }}</div>
brandDisclosure Longer configurable phrase indicating sponsorship by a particular brand. Default is "Sponsored By {{ advertiserName }}". Also configurable under Native Specs. <div class="caption">{{ brandDisclosure }}</div>
imageUrl Non-secure source URL for primary native ad image. Typically used in the src attribute of an <img> tag <img src="{{ imageUrl }}"/>
secureImageUrl Secure (https) version of {{ imageUrl }} <img src="{{ secureImageUrl }}"/>
logoUrl Non-secure source URL for brand logo image. Also typically used as src attribute for <img> tags. <img src="{{ logoUrl }}" class="logo" style="max-height: 20px"/>
secureLogoUrl Secure (https) version of {{ logoUrl }} <img src="{{ secureLogoUrl }}" class="logo" style="max-height: 20px"/>
headline Short-form brand copy containing primary call-to-action. <h3>{{ headline }}</h3>
description Longer-form brand copy with additional information about the content/brand/product. <p>{{ description }}</p>

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